Intelligent Buildings

Intelligent Buildings: Automate, Communicate and Integrate

Achieve more with fewer resources by implementing a seamless, single-point of access to your building, fire, security and energy management solutions. iSysmart’s powerful enterprise solutions help create intelligent buildings that can provide many advantages:

  • Optimized building performance and functionality
  • Automated monitoring and control through a single, manageable platform 
  • Maximized energy and operational efficiency
  • Better decision-making abilities
  • Strategic control of your facility and reduced risk
  • Increased safety and security for greater occupant comfort

The Key to Intelligence is Integration

To realize these advantages, it is key to integrate your new and existing building management systems, solutions, technologies and business processes into one platform. The result will be more efficient performance, simplified operations and more affordable growth through reduced energy and operating costs. Building integration helps protect your investments and ensures long-lasting building value.


Scalable Systems Designed with the Future in Mind

Look beyond today to plan for the future with systems technology that communicates freely with your other systems and applications to achieve more streamlined building management. iSysmart offers modular systems built around scalable open architecture, allowing system expansion and life cycle savings.

Enterprise Buildings Solution

iSysmart Enterprise Buildings Solution is a comprehensive, network-based solution for intelligent building automation and enterprise management. Using flexible architecture and open industry standards, iSysmart integrates existing building systems to streamline processes and optimize building performance.

• Leverage and integrate the individual strengths of separate building systems into one platform for greater control of building, security, energy and life safety systems
• Increase productivity and flexibility while reducing operational, energy and maintenance costs
• Enable increased efficiency and decision-making capabilities, and gain a better understanding of your entire facility using a single operator interface
• Enhance safety, security and comfort for building occupants
• Customize the system to meet your facility’s needs, and gain a scalable and flexible platform to allow for changes over time
• Support for mobile devices and web browser access for higher productivity and response
• Reduce risk with clearly defined migration paths, improved functionality and cost reduction

Complete Integration with One Platform

• iSysmart Building Manager – Interfaces with leading open system solutions to provide HVAC monitoring and control, maintenance management, lighting control

• iSysmart Energy Manager – Helps collect, analyze and act on data to reduce energy consumption, and monitors, validates and optimizes energy usage to help the environment and save you money

• iSysmart Security Manager – Helps protect people, assets and intellectual property through security monitoring, access control and surveillance devices, including time and attendance monitoring, visitor management, and asset and personnel tracking

• iSysmart LifeSafety Manager – Monitors and controls alarm systems for fire detection and smoke controls

• iSysmart Digital Video Manager – Provides analog and digital CCTV surveillance, including video analytics and event-based recording and viewing.