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When the sensor detects water, it sounds a loud alarm and text massage can be sent to inform you of important events as soon as they happen, allowing you to respond quickly.

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Data Centers

Enhanced Control for Innovative Data Centers

Your data center is only as strong as the security and reliability it provides. Preventing or minimizing down time is critical, and robust energy management and efficiency are crucial. iSysmart can help you implement, run and maintain a more efficient and secure data center — helping you to achieve a total facility solution.

Convergence and Integration at Your Fingertips

An integrated infrastructure management system allows your data to flow seamlessly between departments, promoting a more productive facility while helping to reduce installation and life cycle costs. With iSysmart data center solutions, you’ll essentially only need to manage one, intelligent solution with a single point of control, providing easy-to-understand information, communication, and computing for more reliable building automation and management. And with enhanced monitoring capabilities, adjusting your security, fire and safety systems will be virtually effortless, enabling greater control of your facility and the ability to respond quickly to future events.

You can trust iSysmart to assist in seeing that your data center remains safe and accessible, because we’ll handle:

• Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Sensor Probe
• Not only temperature affects systems performance but also humidity can cause rapid deterioration of systems. Monitoring humidity in a data center is as important as monitoring temperature! Too low humidity may result in ESD causing immediate permanent equipment damage. Too high humidity could create corrosion on components, a slow and often irreversible process.
• Visitor management system – Solutions to help secure your customers’ information through a more efficient, automated visitor entry process, and prevent delays by better capturing visitor data
• Security system – Enhanced protection of your assets, operations and facility with a network that focuses on safety
• Energy management – Solutions to help monitor, report and plan your energy strategy
• Lighting control system – Manage costs and energy usage by controlling lighting
• Life safety and fire system – Promote a safer environment for employees and assets while also often improving response times, lowering maintenance costs and reducing implementation costs

Cloud based / On-Demand

The cloud version of our Infrastructure Monitoring Platform enables you to centrally manage, monitor, report, alert & control your sensors. We manage your data in our highly scalable, multi-level secured and redundant architecture.

Designed for customers of any size: from a few sensors to tens of thousands of devices.

Email, SMS & Voice Call alerts

The Monitoring Platform allows you to centrally
manage alert levels.

Using our flexible app you can create complex alerts based on the values of multiple sensors and other data.

Together, we can find the right solution for the current and future needs of your data center, contact us today.